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Butterfly locs, 2021 Fashion elements center

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Bohemian hairstyles have become one of the hottest trending fashions on social media. With many celebrities switching to this protective hairstyle, their admirers have followed suit. In this article, we shall be considered one of the leading bohemian hairstyles called Butterfly Locs.

Haven't heard of it? Then grab a glass of wine as we take you on this tour.

What Is Butterfly Locs?

 The Butterfly locs, as mentioned earlier, is a protective style that has a uniquely messy signature. It is also referred to as distressed locs . Like most protective styles, Butterfly locs put less tension on your natural hair. This style is achieved by braiding your hair in single plaits from the base before crocheting or hand-knitting the preferred curly hair through the braids. The butterfly locs are then wrapped around using a careful technique with the thumb that leaves loops at intervals to create a "distressed appearance." 


  • Lightweight
  • It gives a natural look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Less expensive
  • Lasts longer
  • Protects you from heat and hair breakage


  • When tightly held, it can result in pain on the scalp
  • It can look very unkempt when not properly maintained
  • Time-consuming


What Do I Need To Achieve This Hairstyle?

The number of hair packs you need to achieve this style depends on your natural hair's length and how long you want your butterfly locs to be. But if you are using  the crochet method, 6packs of golden rule butterfly locs will do a great job.  

If you decide to go for locs that are lengthier than your hair, you may need filler hair to increase the base braid's length or buy more freetress water waves for this purpose.


How Long Can I Wear Butterfly Locs

When properly cared for, this unique hairstyle can last 2-3 months or more. But a crochet butterfly locs is more advantageous as it can be reused, thereby saving cost.


How Is Butterfly Locs Installed?

There are diverse ways to get your butterfly locs installed, depending on your budget, skill level, and patience. The interesting fact about this style is you don't have to be a pro hairstylist to achieve a gorgeous result. You can achieve this style in 3-6 hours; however, the lengthier it gets, the more time it consumes.

There are two famous methods to get your butterfly locs on.

  1. Braid and Wrap Method
  • Braid or twist your hair.

Decide on a parting shape and braid or twist your hair. Use any edge control gel of your choice to keep the parts neat. Ensure your braid in the extra (filler hair) at this point if you are adding to your hair length.


  • Prepare your butterfly locs.

This can be done from the onset. Simply take two pieces of the locs and separate them into to equal parts.  This will make the outcome fluffy but still relatively together.

  • Crochet the water wave hair into the base of your braid.

Using a crochet needle, put the separated water wave hair in the needle's hook placed through your braid base, close it, and pull it through less than halfway. You'll need about quarter of the water wave hair on one side to start wrapping. 

 Grab one side of the water wave hair and hold it with your braid. Then begin wrapping with one piece of water wave hair.  Wrap the root 5-6 times to ensure it is secure against the scalp and appears neat. Do not apply too much pressure to avoid pains. Wrap down by wrapping a loosed portion around the thumb to create the spaces or loops, thereby giving it, its signature look.

The amazing thing about butterfly locs is that they don't have to be tight or tamed. The loops and fuzziness of the locs make it look beautiful as it ages, so don't be afraid to embrace the frizz.

  • Seal the Ends

 Seal the ends once you get to your desired length. This can be achieve by just wrapping the remaining hair multiple times at the tail until you run out of water wave hair. It should look like a knot when done; this will help keep your locs secured.

  1. The Crochet Method

This method consumes less time and is also more comfortable. If you're in a rush, then this might be a great alternative—you can simply cornrow down your hair and fix the crochet. Add more versatility by leaving out the front and back for individual braids/twists.

This method does not hurt during and after making it, unlike the individual butterfly locs where your natural hair might likely be tightly held at the base. 

How Long Does It Take To Install Butterfly Locs

The crochet method takes up to 3hrs to install, while the individual butterfly locs takes can take up to 5- 8hrs to install, especially if you need an extra length on your locs. 

Butterfly Locs on Longer and Shorter Hair

You can still rock a bob-length Butterfly Locs with your long hair by simply folding your braids neatly before wrapping or by using the crochet method. And for shorter hair— simply make a puff with a black thread or rubber band to hold the water wave hair in place while you crochet them in.

Maintaining Butterfly Locs

  • Keep your hair adequately moisturized by using excellent oil or creams. This will help boost its physical appearance.
  • Always give your butterfly locs proper cleaning to prevent germs accumulation.
  • It's advisable you allow a professional touch-up of this hairstyle for you whenever you need one. He/she can effectively manage this hairstyle and make it last longer.


It's also important to mention that the butterfly locs are versatile, as they come in different lengths, sizes, and colors. All  variants of this beautiful piece can be accessed by a simple click here. Irrespective of the color or length you choose, this hairstyle will sure look great on you.

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