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How to install pre-looped passion twist?

wuxiaofeng |

How to wear or install the latest crochet hair?

passion twist golden rule hair

Passion twists hair is generated when goddess locs and Senegalese twists get combined. It is a unique sort of two-strand twists that are made with pre-curled hair. These twists set a boho appearance with visual quality and body means with more texture that is produced with wavy hair extensions.

How to install and set passion twists in your hair?

We have broken-down some straight forward actions to install and wear passion twists (without cornrows or rubber bands) that you can follow without any professional help.

  1. Make your hair ready:

Before starting, assure that your hair is neat, moisturize, and air dry and stretched dry.

  1. Produce twists on your natural hair to place passion twists:

Develop a part line in the center from the front to the nape of the neck, on your head. ​Use the clutch clips to secure and wrap hair on the head and leave some hair open and untangled at the nape of your neck. Begin the method by making a small box section at the nape of your neck (bottom of your head).

Make a three-strand braid of picked hair from root to above 1 to 2 inches, then convert them into two-strand and twist them together.

Do this twisting technique on the whole of your head by eliminating clutch clips. This technique does not have the possibility to cause hair breakage or tension or tightness at the scalp. You do not need to twist them very firmly; that can also ease you when removing the passion twists.

  1. Now you have twisted all of your tresses. It's manageable to install passion twists soon.

Passion twists have a little pre-loop that is wide enough that you can adjust your finger inside of it.

Insert the crochet needle under the twisted natural hair (your hair) and attach the passion twist loop to the hook or clasp of the needle, secure the needle and bring the passion twist under the twisted natural hair, release the needle.

Place two fingers in the loop, take both twists, first is the passion twists and the second is your natural twisted hair, bringing them through the loop. And now there are two apparent twists; the natural (your own hair's) twist and the synthetic one.

  1. Conceal natural twists for an impeccable look:

Presently, you require to conceal the natural hair. So, insert the crochet needle into the passion twist. The idea is to tuck the entire natural twist under a passion twist.

Therefore, gradually go up the twist's hallowed part, starting by finding a good midway point. Then wind the crochet needle all the way up to the center opening of the twist, while attaching your natural hair. Now pull it through the passion twist enclosing it inside. Continue this process until the entire natural twist is concealed.

Do this installation manner to every prepared hair part for passion twists.

How long can passion twist wear?

After wearing the passion twists, you can extend the style's stability with the aid of holding mousse.

Usually, the passion twists style remains up to two months. Also, a person should not wear a protective hairstyle for 80+ days which is 12 weeks, it makes passion twists the perfect choice.

More to know, a person takes 5 to 8 hours to install passion twists.

Why passion is twist acceptedly popular? Hairstyle and the product detail

Passion twists are popular because it upgrades one's look and makes their style chic; it is the most stable and famous style for winter and summer too. This style is getting famous since 2018.

The passion twists more economical in price than faux locs or goddess braids. These are renowned as the best choice for getting the bohemian Lisa Bonet type-vibe.


You can make hairstyles with these twists in different lengths and sizes to produce the most desirable look for you. Passion twists are very adaptable when it comes to hairstyles as you can also create multiple hairstyles, including ponytails, buns, or half up half down hairstyles with them.

Product details:

Get your ideal size and color from Golden Rule Hair at economical prices. We provide this super easy protective style that is pre-looped.

Our products are suitable because of the particularity of human hair products. Golden Rule Hair's passion twist looks natural because we provide handmade high-grade synthetic hair. Usually, passion twist and its style last 60 days (two months), but our human hair lasts 90+ days (three months) with correct care.

Why our passion twist is better?

Various factors make our crochet hair passion twist better than all.

  • As you read above, our passion twists are handmade, so it has a natural texture in it and looks like your own hair.
  • It has a low luster or radiance that gives it a natural look, and you do not need to DIY to reduce the luster.
  • Because it is pre-looped, it helps you install quickly and can be reused.
  • Not only is it skin-friendly but also friendly for swim and shower.


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