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Passion twist is one of the elegant and versatile ways to rock a natural look. This protective hairstyle has been shaking the game since 2018. Passion twist was born from the combination of locs and Senegalese twists. Don't know what it looks like? Click here to see a perfect picture of this natural-looking hairstyle that has been trending for the past four years. A peek into your local braiding shop or your any black hair blog of your choice shows that this hairstyle is not going away anytime soon.

What is Passion Twist?

This boho hairstyle was created by the Miami-based hairstylist Kailyn Rogers, also known as The Boho Babe. She made this invention for her client, who wanted a natural hairstyle that is easy to maintain.

Kailyn posted the passion twist first on her Instagram for the world to see in Jan 2018 and the beautiful hairstyle soared with quick popularity, and it's still trending to date. One unique feature of the style is its Freetress Water Wave Braiding Hair feature, which is normally used for only crochet. Passion twist also has a crochet style, which makes rocking this natural-looking hairstyle easier and less time-consuming.


  • Effortless and gorgeous twists that look good on everyone.
  • Style can last 1 to 2 months.
  • Low cost if you do the twists yourself.
  • Passion twists are trending and unique.  The unique hairstyle is a good alternative to some of the older protective twisted styles.
  • Passion twists are a protective hairstyle that gives you the ability to give your hair a break for a few weeks or months.
  • Lightweight


  • The twists can be heavy sometimes.
  • Can cause hair loss when tightly held.
  • Expensive if you want   it done professionally.
  • Passion twists do not behave well in water. Your hair is lightly held; getting it wet might cause your natural hair to be exposed under the twists. This could ruin the hairstyle.
  • Installing passion twists takes a while, depending on how many twists you would like and how big you would like them to be.

How Are Passion Twists Installed?

Passion twists can come either in crochet form or individually. When installing the crochet method, the hair is weaved into cornrows, and the ready-made free tress hair is looped into the cornrow base until the whole head is completed. While the individual passion twists are installed like every other two strands twist.

With the crochet version of passion twists, you can choose not to spend long hours installing individual passion twists. Installing individual passion twists can take up to 3to 8hrs, depending on your twists' thickness and length. While crochet Passion twists can be installed in 2hrs 30mins.

Whether you are installing the crochet or the individual style, always use a styler gel to smoothen your natural hair.

How to Remove Passion Twists?

Your passion twists removal method will depend on the method of installation. If installed as a crochet braid into cornrows, you will find the crochet knot at the base of your cornrows. Pull the knot to allow you to pull the passion twist. If installed individually, cut the passion twist at length longer than your hair and untwist. These two-removal process shows the crochet is more likely to be reused than the individual version.

How Many Pack of Hair Do You Require?

Various brands have different amounts of hair per pack. Some brands might require 4-5packs for a full head of passion twists, while others require 7-9 packs. But for the crochet style, one set of golden rule passion twist crochet will do the job.

How Long Do Passion Twists Last?

This protective hairstyle can last up to six weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. But crochet passion twist can be reused; all you need do is to maintain it properly.

How to Maintain Passion Twists?

Due to passion twists undone and messy look, it can look more unkempt if not properly maintained.

Maintaining your passion twists involves washing it, sleep care, taming the frizz, and shower care.

In taming the frizz, use scissors gently and avoid cutting the passion twists itself.

sleep care involves wearing a satin or silk bonnet to preserve the style even while asleep

Wear a jumbo cap while in the shower.

It is advisable to avoid washing too often to preserve the twists. But when washing becomes necessary, we recommend the following.

  • Fill a bucket with lukewarm water.
  • Add shampoo into the water and put your passion twists.
  • Rinse off the shampoo with hot water.
  • Add conditioner to the hair and allow for some time.
  • Wash out the conditioner with warm water and drain the water with a towel.
  • Finally, allow passion twists to air dry.

How to Refresh Passion Twists?

Simply trim out any frizz and hair mouse to refresh your passion twists and achieve more defined twists.

How Versatile are Passion Twists?

Passion twists are a versatile hairstyle that comes in various lengths, sizes, and colors to create a perfect natural look for you.

Passion twists can also create multiple passion twist hairstyles, including buns, ponytails, or half up half down hairstyles.

 Suitable Hair Textures for Passion Twist

Passion twists look great on coarser hair textures ranging from 3C to 4A; these hair textures can stay coiled easily within the twists and handle the slight tension involved with the hairstyle.

Ensure your stylist does not twist too tightly, as this can lead to breakage and hair loss.

When to Wear Passion Twists?

Passion twists are a great hairstyle for any time of the year, but many will opt to wear them in warmer months as they create a cute summer hairstyle.

Passion Twists Hairstyle

  • Long passion twists
  • Short /bob passion twists
  • Thick passion twists
  • Brown passion twists
  • Blonde passion twists


Wrap up

More ladies are stepping out daily with this trendy boho hairstyle. The crochet Passion twists have made the beautiful hairstyle easier and less time-consuming. But however, you choose to rock this natural-looking hairstyle, I am sure it will look great on you.









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