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Why double drawn human hair bundles are the best hair?

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Most times, we wonder how some hair extension users achieve a fuller and voluminous hair or look. A double-drawn human hair bundle is the brain behind this glamorous look.

Before you get lost trying to figure out what this means, we have come up with highlights to help you grab a better understanding of the double-drawn human hair bundle.

What is Double Drawn Human Hair?

Double-drawn human hair bundles are human hair drawn carefully by skilled workers in the hair industry, such as to create bundles of the same length from root to end before sewing them into wefts. Double-drawn human hair bundle is thicker and fuller than the single-drawn human hair bundle, which has lots of short hairs in the bundle. 

Differences between Double-Drawn and Single-Drawn Human Hair bundles

  • Volume: A double-drawn human hair bundle is consistently full and thick from top to bottom, while a single-drawn human hair looks full at the top but gets slimmer or thinner as it goes down from the middle to the end. 
  • Length: The double-drawn human hair length is meticulously arranged to be even while the single-drawn human hair is as unequal as our natural hair.  
  • Price: Double-drawn human hair bundles are more expensive compared to single-drawn human hair.
  • Appearance: The double-drawn hair achieves a thicker and fuller appearance than the single-drawn hair bundle, ideal for people with a thin natural hair blend.
  • Quality:The double-drawn human hair bundle possesses a higher quality than the single-drawn hair, making it more durable. A double-drawn hair can last very long if used with fewer products and less washing.


  • Top and bottom are of equal width and length
  • Creates a "U" shape hairstyle
  • Achieves more hair volume
  • Gives a fuller look


  • At least 90% of hair is eliminated during a manual trimming
  • More expensive than the singl- drawn hair
  • The thickness can make the strands quite heavy

Types of Double Drawn Human Hair bundles

To make an informed choice of your double-drawn human hair bundles, you have to be familiar with these two terms Virgin hair and Remy's hair. 

  • Virgin Double Drawn Hair

This means that the human hair material used for that particular hair was not in any way processed. Not processed means the hair strands are not bleached, dyed, or modified. These hair bundles last longer than other types. 

  • Remy Double Drawn Hair

Remy human hair is 100% human hair, and they usually come from a single donor or some donors. They are cut or shaved straight from the scalp. They also have their cuticles intact and aligned, as when it was first collected. But it may have been subjected to some steam processing.

Applications of Double-drawn human Hair Bundles

Double drawn human hair is very versatile and can be applied in various ways; some of such ways are

  • Clip-ins Extension

Clips in extension make use of multiple clips and weft. A combination of two or more clips with different hair weft sizes will go well with your natural hair. 

  • Micro Link Extension

Also referred to as loop hair or micro bead extensions, they are little beads that can be used to attach hair extensions. It is considered a healthy technique as it does not require glue or, most times, braid.

  • Weave Extension

Here the natural hair is braided into cornrows, and the hair extensions are sewn in with a needle and (cotton) thread. A weave extension is fairly permanent and can last up to 6-8wks. 

  • Tape-ins Extension

As the name suggests, the extensions come with pre-taped wefts (made of medical-grade adhesive) that are attached to the natural hair. They are quick and easy to fit in and can stay attached for 6-12wks.

  • Fusion Extension

Fusion extension is one of the most popular applications of hair extensions. They're bonded to the natural hair using adhesives like glue and keratin. 

How to Care for Double Drawn Human Hair 

  • Protect the roots:Avoid combing your double-drawn hair from the root while wearing it, as this could ruin its bond with your hair. Instead of combing, use your finger to detangle the roots. As you brush the ends, place a hand on your head to reduce pressure on the bonds.
  • Wash your bundles with lukewarm water to help retains its moisture and nutrients.
  • Use the right shampoo:Always use extension-friendly or natural products. Avoid using shampoos with Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) on your hair.
  • Conditioning: Condition your hair once or twice a month with a quality conditioner for at least one hour. 
  • Keep them dry:The bonds should always be fully air-dried as using a hairdryer could lead to hair breakage.

Why Choose the Double-Drawn Human Hair Bundle

If you want to increase your hair volume and make it fuller, double-drawn hair  bundle is the perfect choice for you. A double-drawn hair, correctly installed by a professional stylist, will always look different on you if you have been a single-drawn hair user.

Although it's a bit on the high side of price, since you will be getting bundles of equal length from roots to end, you are getting a good value for your dollars.

This extension creates a U-shape hairstyle and gives a classy look. If you're in love with voluminous hairstyles, this is the bundle you need.

How to Identify a Double-Drawn Human Hair Bundle

Run your finger through the hair bundle from roots to end. If you encounter lots of short hairs in the bundle, it is not a double-drawn bundle but a single-drawn human hair bundle. Look at the ends too; if they are mostly of equal length, you have double-drawn hair. Better still, you can check out our double-drawn human hair bundle to have a full view of what it looks like.


 Double-drawn hair bundle has proven to be a look booster if you are interested in giving yourself a refreshing look. This can be achieved by simply visiting your hair stylist with this luscious and voluminous hair bundle. 

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