Bow Tie Napkin Fold with Polyester Napkins

Black Polyester Napkins Bow Tie Napkin Fold
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Get ready to learn how to pull off one of this years hottest trends in tablescapes: The Bow Tie Napkin!

If you are looking for a way to bring an extra special detail to your wedding, try a bow tie napkin fold! Napkins are an essential part of event decor; they tie together a color theme, as well as add texture and interest to your special day. A fun way to present your napkins and wow your guests is the Bow Tie Napkin! This napkin fold can be perfectly done with our selection of Polyester Napkins.

All you need to pull off this adorable new trend is:

  • One napkin (preferably polyester)
  • A napkin ring/napkin clip/brooch/sash pin or ribbon
  • Plate and charger plate

Steps On How To Do A Bow Tie Napkin Fold

red bow tie napkin


Fold napkins in thirds horizontally. Or, simply fold the top down to the middle and the bottom up to the same part so both ends meet. 


Fold the napkin’s opposite two sides to form a square


Place the napkin across the plate and secure the ends between the dinner plate and charger plate. 


Flip it over the plate to get a flat square.


Form the “bow” by gathering the center of the napkin and placing a napkin clip or brooch in the center of the napkin. Make sure to pinch the napkin in the middle, form three folds, and use the right napkin ring holders

Voila! Now you have a bow ready to dazzle the tablescape of your wedding, Quinceanera, or any other special event. These steps make this one of the easiest design ideas for wedding cloth napkins you can follow. 

What Is The Best Napkin Cloth For Folding?

christmas bow tie napkin

If you have decided on using napkin cloths for your subsequent events, especially now that you know how to form bow tie napkins, it’s time to choose what fabric to use. There are a few options for this purpose, including the following:


Linen shows off a crisp and elegant appearance, made all the more attractive for folding because of its slightly stiff texture. It can easily hold its form after folding it at your guests’ request. You expect it to maintain its shape in the middle of the plate throughout the event. Shop for linen napkins bulk at MORLIN Linens for quality products and big discounts.


Cotton is also a  popular choice because it holds its folds well and is versatile in patterns and colors. It is perfect for making intricate napkin folding designs because of the fabric’s crease retention and structure.


Polyester napkin folding is possible because of its smooth texture and wrinkle-resistant nature. However, the ease of folding depends on how complex the folding design is. Polyester is a good napkin for straightforward folds instead of more intricate designs, which means you can use polyester to make a bow tie napkin fold.


Satin is also an excellent option for folding intricate designs because of its smooth texture. For instance, you can use dark turquoise napkins if you are planning a jewel-toned or beach-themed event.

Do you want more options? If you are going with a nature-inspired theme, MORLIN Linens has sage green linen napkins you can try. If you are looking for earth tones, we also have burnt orange napkins you can stock up on. We carry a collection of velvet napkins if you want to impress with a luxurious touch to your tablescape.

Polyester Napkins? Are They Expensive?

brown table napkin

Not at all! Polyester napkins are among the most economical and popular choices for restaurants, event venues, and even DIY brides. Best of all, polyester napkins are durable and ready for use after use. You can view our large selection of polyester napkins here. With over thirty colors available we’re sure to have a color you’ll love!

Are you looking for dusty blue polyester napkins to match your event’s theme? MORLIN Linens carries this color in polyester as well as other fabrics.

Polyester napkins are a great option as table napkins because they are more effective at absorbing spills and moisture than most cloth napkins. They can hold spills, making them quite efficient at their job. They can do more than look pretty on charger plates

Another reason to use polyester napkins as wedding table napkins is they work great for sculptured displays. They hold better shapes than paper napkins or even satin ones. 

What More Do You Need To Know About Napkin Folding? 

You know how to form a bow tie napkin fold with a ring, but you might want to learn other types of folds. The basic rule for properly folding napkins is to ensure the folded side always faces the plate. If you meant to put your napkin to the left of the plate, the fold should be found on the right. 

You should also know at least the five basic table napkin folds. 

Pocket Fold

pocket fold napkin

Start with a square napkin, then make a triangle by folding it in half diagonally. Bring one corner to the middle and do the same with the other corner. Flip the napkin over and fold it into thirds. Turn it over again and put a name card or flower in the pocket. 

Triangle Fold

triangle fold napkin

Start with a square napkin, then fold it diagonally to create a triangle. Put the napkin beside the plate, with the napkin’s open end facing away from the latter.

Roll Fold

roll fold napkin

You will need a rectangular napkin folded into half lengthwise to form a long rectangle. Roll the napkin from end to end, ensuring it is kept tight. Tie the rolled napkin with a napkin ring or ribbon to secure it. 

Fan Fold

fan fold napkin

Create one-inch pleats with the napkin by folding it back and forth like an accordion following a zigzag pattern. Fold the pleated napkin further into half lengthwise and make both ends meet. Let it stand, forming a fan-like design.

Diamond Pocket Fold

diamond pocket fold

Begin with a square shape and fold it diagonally to form a triangle. Take one corner, bring it to the middle, and do the same with the other corner. Fold the napkin’s bottom to form a pocket and hold any decorative elements you want. 

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