Coachella Party Inspired Decors

Are you a music-lover or an avid concert-goer? Then you’ve probably heard of the Coachella music festival. For the unacquainted, Coachella is an annual three-day event and one of the hottest happenings in the music scene each year. 

Held in the Colorado Desert, California, it features musical acts from different musical genres, art installations, festival rides, and food stalls for every taste. It’s food, fun, friends, and music where people camp out and have the time of their lives. 

Coachella features some of music’s hottest artists and some of the best outfits by celebrities and festival-goers alike. 

Get inspired by the free spirited vibe and throw your own Coachella party. This is a perfect theme especially for those looking for a relaxed bohemian vibe. We’ll give you a rundown of our top Coachella party decor suggestions.

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What is a Coachella Party?

At the actual festival there are usually Coachella pre parties and Coachella afterparties that have sometimes been dubbed to be better than the festivals themselves. Big record labels and brands throw their own parties like the interscope Coachella party or the Zenyara Coachella party.

Who can come to these parties? All campground attendees at Coachella have to be at least 18 years old with IDs. If you’re a minor, you have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. You’ll want to be 18 and up for Coachella parties. 

Silk Greenery with Roses Wall Backdrop Panel - Light Pink
Artificial Boxwood Greenery Wall Backdrop Panel - 12"x12"

How Do You Get Into A Coachella Party?

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Most big brands throw exclusive parties around Coachella to hype up their brand name and showcase their products to celebrities and influencers. These are usually invite-only parties with free-flowing food and drinks.

If you work in the music, film, fashion, or marketing industries, or maybe just have the right amount of followers on social media, you’re more likely to get in. If you have the right connections, or have friends in these industries, you can always ask for an extra ticket into these private Coachella parties.

You can also get into some of these parties by simply signing up through email or joining a guest list with a public invite online. You can do a bit of online research on Coachella pop-up parties to get a list of nearby events. Some hotel bookings and credit card subscriptions also offer access to these parties so watch out for those as well.

How To Throw A Coachella Themed Party

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Not on the guest list? No worries. You can enjoy your own Coachella party at the comfort of your own home. Throw your very own Coachella themed party and simulate the high of fun, friends, and music.

For a Coachella party theme, your decor is of utmost priority. Set the casual bohemian tone of your party venue with the right Coachella party essentials. Here are some of our top Coachella party decor ideas to throw your own Coachella themed party.

Lush Greenery and Backdrop Ideas

boho decors

Dress your center stage wall with Silk Greenery with Roses Wall Backdrop Panel - Light Pink. The lush greenery and floral design of this decorative piece will help set that airy outdoor vibe.

You can choose from a variety of Flower & Greenery Backdrops options. If you’ve got a center stage for some open mic performances, you can opt to get some arched backdrops to add some depth to your stage and make it seem bigger. 

Teepees and Photobooths 

photobooth sign

Set up some teepees to get that outdoor camping vibe like campers at the festival. You can use this as a photo booth for indoor and outdoor parties. Dress it up with an Olive Artificial Silk Greenery Bush Bundle. 

Add some fairy lights around your set-up to elevate your look. You can prop up some dream catchers in your backdrop as well for an added bohemian touch. You can also add a small ukulele as a prop for your guests during their photo booth session.

For outdoor parties, you can also go for a Coachella party airstream trailer rental. Some events companies specialize in renting out and decorating these vintage trailers. These are usually used for photoshoots ,to serve as a VIP area for your special guests, and even for serving food and setting up a lounging area for your party.

Artificial Faux Willow Greenery Garland 6ft Long
Olive Artificial Silk Greenery Bush Bundle

Bohemian Tablescape and Seating

boho table setup

Decorate your table setting with some greenery with Artificial Faux Willow Greenery Garland 6ft Long. You can run these along the length of your table as a table runner, surrounding your centerpiece for that lush natural feel.

Spruce up your old party chairs with Banquet Chair Covers. You can choose a bold color as a statement piece. You can also opt for a loose white chair cover and pair it with a neutral color chair sash or some macramé decor.

Pump up The Music

dj music

In keeping with your party theme, make sure you’ve got a playlist for the duration of your party. If you’re inviting a big group of friends, Set a mood for the playlist you want to make

and have each guest submit a song for your party playlist. By then you’ll have an online mixtape to share with all your friends. If you've got the time, you can book a DJ and have some DJ sets for your party.

You can also set-up a corner of the room for music-playing purposes. Have an old vinyl player lying around? You can style this and use it as party decor along with some old vinyl records.

Throw a Music Fest Party to Remember

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Get in touch with your inner creative. Mix and match all the best pieces to get that bohemian chic laid back vibe at your Coachella party. For more design inspiration, visit our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts for more styling ideas.

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