How to Incorporate Gold Sequin Fabric into Your Wedding Decor

How to Incorporate Gold Sequin Fabric Into Your Wedding Decor Featured

Gold sequin fabric is the perfect complement to your wedding decor. Sequins’ elegant sparkle effortlessly marks the significance of the occasion to capture a spellbinding atmosphere of grandeur and sophistication.

With their glimmering sheen and unique texture, sequins can bring attention to one area or aspect in particular. They also make fantastic accents throughout your ceremony or reception. Implementing their splendor into your wedding day decor is simple.

Sequin fabric is a type of fabric for wedding decor and other occasions that is covered with small plastic or metallic pieces. Also referred to as “sequence’ fabric, this glittering material is a must-have wedding fabric decorations. You can also use sequin fabric for dress ideas for your party.

Below are three glamorous ways to incorporate sequins into your decor theme to wow and dazzle your guests. Gold sequin material is a versatile fabric that can glam up your wedding and other formal events. From major style statements to DIY glitz, here are some fabric decorating ideas for weddings to remember for one and all!

How to Incorporate Gold Sequin Fabric into Your Wedding Decor backdrop drapes

Photo: Chloe Moore Photography Blog

Glitz Sequin 8ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop panel - Gold
Large Payette Sequin 8ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop panel - Gold
Large Payette Sequin 8ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop panel - Gold

Sequin Fabric Backdrops

Sequins go with everything, and they work especially well to set the scene for memorable photographs. Sequin backdrops are very versatile and make excellent photo booth backdrops for guests as they enter or exit your reception. Likewise, they also serve as a fun “selfie” stations for everyone to enjoy throughout the day. Elevate you backdrop even further with reversible sequin fabric. You can trace shapes and messages in different colors with this fun sequin option.

A gold sequin backdrop works wonders to highlight the significance of your sweetheart or dessert table. This glamorous scene stealer brings all eyes to you and your wedding day style. If you’re looking for a crisp and clean look, try using a stretch sequin fabric for wrinkle-free event linens that are easy to work with.

Whatever size space you are working with, our Glitz Sequin Line has you covered. We offer a remarkable array of sizes and colors to coordinate with your wedding color palette for truly astonishing results.

Sequin Table Settings Photo Credit: Anchor & Veil Photography

Photo: Anchor & Veil Photography

Large Payette Sequin 132" Round Tablecloth - Gold
Glitz Sequins 120" Round Tablecloth - Gold
Mermaid Scale Sequin 120" Round Tablecloth - Gold

A Tablescape of Sparkle: Sequin Tablecloths

Your tablecloth doesn’t have to be a one-dimensional foundation. With the shimmer and shine of gold sequin tablecloths, you can infuse a dramatic element of texture and visual interest. Perhaps the most popular way to incorporate sequins into any wedding is with a sequin tablecloth. This look can be used in many different aspects depending on your desired effect.

Gold sequin fabric can be used on ceremony tables, dessert tables, the head or sweetheart table, and even on cocktail tables for happy hour. Our Diamond Glitz Sequin Rectangular Tablecloth 90″x132″ – Gold lends maximum glam. For brides that desire a wedding filled with radiant decor, this look is perfect. 

Complete your look with some 13 inch gold charger plates or some gold reef charger plates. This adds texture and depth to your tablescape.

For a balance of bling and understated elegance, our Glitz Sequin Table Overlay Topper 90″x90″ Square – Gold is the best choice. Simply toss this sequin overlay atop your solid colored linens for a dramatic juxtaposition. Consider using our gold oblong tablecloth as a base. For a cost-effective and more demure approach, you can’t go wrong with our gold sequin table runner.

In a single cascading stream down the center of your table, this enchanting splash of sparkle makes your reception unforgettable! Our comprehensive range of sizes and colors, including blush/rose gold, coordinates with your color theme for a major wow-factor!

handmade southern wedding Photo Credit: Glamour & Grace

Photo: Glamour & Grace

Large Payette Sequin Tablecloth 90"x156" Rectangular - Gold
Mermaid Scale Sequin Fabric Roll 10 yards -Gold
10 yards GLITZ Sequins Fabric Bolt Gold

Make a Glittering Celebration with Endless DIY Possibilities

No need to limit yourself to backdrops and tablecloths. With wholesale gold sequin fabric by the yard you can bedazzle just about any aspect of your special day! Our 10 yard glitz sequin fabric bolts can be used in a variety of DIY projects.

From pillows for lounge areas, bows for a flower girl’s dress, bouquet or flower wraps – the possibilities are endless. This sequin fabric can be used to accent bridal party hangers as well as trim invitations and menus. Bridal shoes are never more beguiling than with glittering sequin touches. Centerpieces never look so glamorous as when festooned in this sparkling finisher. 

Don’t forget to draw attention to your center stage by decorating your wedding arch with this sparkly fabric. You can opt to purchase sequin mesh fabric and drape them across your arch backdrops. These delicate sequin mesh fabrics work perfectly well with hexagon arches and rounded arches. Pair with some floral and you’ve got a glamorous arch that’s sure to catch your guests’ attention.

Using touches of sequins throughout your venue in coordination with tablecloths and backdrops bring about a look of cohesive elegance.

Is Sequins Appropriate for A Wedding?

Sequins can be used to add a touch of glamor and sparkle to the decor at a wedding.  While some people link sequins with more festive or casual events, they can also be used for formal and elegant weddings. It all depends on how you incorporate them with your wedding decor. 

For a sophisticated look, use gold Payette sequin backdrops to create a stunning focal point. These shimmering backdrops can be used as a backdrop for the sweetheart table, cake table, or photo booth area.  

Sequins can elevate your wedding decor and create a memorable ambiance with the right balance and placement.

Sequin Fabric Care and Maintenance

Sequin can be fairly easy to maintain as long as you’re careful with its wash, care, and maintenance. Make sure to check the label on how to care for your sequin fabric. It’s better to hand wash with cold water and gentle detergent. Avoid any fabric softener and bleach.

There are two types of sequin fabric: type A is where sequins are sewn on the fabric itself while type B is where the sequins are glued on the fabric. To avoid sewing sequin into fabric to restore loose pieces, care for your sequin fabric by turning your cloth inside out while washing.

Why Trust MORLIN Linens with Your Sequin Tablecloths

If you want to add some shimmer and shine, gold sequin fabric is certainly the way to do it. To successfully achieve this look, remember to plan ahead so as not to overdo certain areas, while leaving other aspects of your decor bare. Balance is key and a dose of sophisticated glitz is the result!

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Walk down the aisle in shimmering glamor with our gold sequin fabric. Create golden memories to last a lifetime with MORLIN Linens. For more styling tips and design inspiration, visit our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts for more styling ideas.

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