How to Set Up and Style Reversible Riser Centerpieces

How to Set Up and Style Reversible Riser Centerpieces

If you are looking to make a statement with an impressive centerpiece, look no further than the elegant brilliance of our Metallic Reversible Riser Flower Centerpiece Vases! This modern reversible centerpiece is defined by its hourglass silhouette with a shape that allows for a variety of floral arrangements to be used while being gracefully risen off your table.

Also known as a Trumpet Vase or Reversible Trumpet Vases, these chic decorative riser centerpieces are easily the most user-friendly when it comes to a variety of floral-arrangements. The assembly is so simple that you'll be decorating in no time!

To get you started, this post will not only cover setup instructions, but also the many trumpet vase centerpiece ideas and  DIY centerpiece riser ideas these vases offer and the brilliant way they coordinate with any theme or event!

Metallic Reversible Riser Centerpiece Vase Set Up Instructions

Pieces Included:

  • Trumpet Vase Pieces 
  • Center Connector Sphere
  • Long Connector Screw
  • Nuts
  • Circular Washer Disks

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1: Start by screwing one nut at the end of the long connector screw. While screwing in the nut, slip one of the washers behind it to keep the nut in place.


Step 2: Pull the screw (nut and washer side facing out) through the widest opening of one of the trumpet pieces. If done correctly, the washer disk will fall into place inside of the narrow part of the trumpet piece. 


Step 3: Lay the trumpet piece with the screw on its side. While holding the connector screw in place from the inside of the trumpet vase, place the connector sphere through the long connector screw. Push the sphere flush against the trumpet piece while keeping the washer disk secure inside of the trumpet piece. (Note: You can also perform this step with an additional person holding the pieces in place instead of laying them down.)

Step 4: Place the narrow end of the second trumpet vase through the connector screw until it's tightly sandwiching the connector sphere between the two trumpet pieces. 

Step 5: Pull the connector screw so the trumpet vases and connector sphere are flush. Place the last washer disk through the screw and push it as far down as you can towards the narrow part of the vase. 

Step 6: Add a nut to the end of the connector screw and firmly twist it down until the disk is secured.


Step 7: Remove your vase from its side position and stand it up on either side — it's now ready to use! 

(Note: After setting up you will have an extra nut left over. This piece is not required to assemble your metallic reversible riser, but is provided as an extra piece in case one of your other nuts is lost or misplaced.)

Choosing Between Fresh Flowers or Faux Flowers

Your centerpiece is an important element of your tablescape. It helps you set the theme of your party and instantly glam up your dinner setting. One sure way to elevate your centerpiece is by using florals. Elaborate flower arrangements are one of the most popular forms of centerpiece decor.

Now that your metallic reversible floral riser centerpiece vase is set up, you are ready to begin the exciting step. Decorate your centerpiece with a variety of fresh or faux bouquets and floral arrangements!

Turn your metallic decor into floral centerpiece risers. The curvaceous style of the reversible riser vase effortlessly serves to accentuate the voluptuous shape of your blooms. But what style of flower should you use? Here are our tips for your flower vase centerpieces:

Faux Flowers:


  • Faux flowers are often preferred due to their long-lasting beauty that never wilts or loose its shape
  • These flowers can be used on multiple occasions (in the same arrangement or in a brand new design)
  • They can be kept forever as a treasured memory of your special day
  • They can be given away as a keepsake for guests
  • The flower arrangements can be made ahead of time and will always look fresh and beautiful
  • No need to worry about the florals giving you and your guests allergies
  • They're easy to transport from place to place
  • They're low maintenance and don't require constant watering and attention


Real Flowers:


  • Nothing can compare to the original natural beauty and vivid colors of authentic flowers
  • Real flowers not only look great, they also smell fantastic


(Note: If real flowers are used for your metal reversible risers, be sure to clear up any water that may have gotten on your riser thoroughly to avoid rust or water spots on your centerpiece. A helpful tip is to use floral sponges to absorb and avoid pouring water directly into the vase.)

Ready to Decorate

Whether opting for simple bouquets or choosing larger and more dramatic cascading arrangements, reversible trumpet vases accommodate any size flower arrangements with astounding stability.

For a stable and pleasing centerpiece, designers say the ideal size of a centerpiece ranges from 12 to 30 inches for round tables. For rectangular tables, the ideal size ranges from 24 to 48 inches. You can experiment with your centerpiece sizes depending on your party’s theme.

Meanwhile, the height of the centerpiece is recommended to be at least 30 inches tall. This will keep your centerpiece from falling off and will make sure that it doesn’t block your guests’ view.

Luckily, these versatile centerpiece risers permit a wide variety of style statements that reach beyond flowers. Whatever the aesthetic you are aiming for, trumpet vase risers for centerpieces can accommodate them all. 


From the popular kissing ball flower arrangements to the trendy feather centerpieces, your special event will be a memorable occasion with these upscale metal vase centerpieces. You can choose from acrylic centerpiece risers crystal centerpieces or gold centerpiece risers for a more polished look.

As you prepare to decorate your trumpet vase, remember that anything goes! You can make a cohesive presentation of a single color, go outside the box with a multi-colored arrangement, or even accent and trim your bouquets with crystal strands, pearls, fairy lights, or table numbers. 

Add a table runner for a natural and earthy look with matching napkins and topped off with napkin ring holders.  At MORLIN, we carry a variety of color options for the reversible trumpet vase to coordinate with your venue and give you endless styling options! 

The Perfect Centerpiece

A metallic reversible riser flower centerpiece vase makes a great choice for all events, whether to bring a feeling of abundance to your outdoor venue, to enhance the tall ceilings heights of your reception hall, or to bring a romantic air to your wedding ceremony itself as aisle decorations. 

Compared to delicate glass vases, these floral centerpiece vases can be used time and again for future events or at home. To learn more about these modern reversible table decor centerpieces, check out our instructional video tutorial or contact customer care for assistance.

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