Table Skirt Guide: The Basics to Table Skirting

Table skirts are a tablecloth linen mainly used to conceal the table's legs during events. They are meant to make tables look polished and elegant and improve the overall presentation of the event. If it is your first time working with these coverings, you will need this table skirt guide from the basics up to tips on how to use them.

Defining Table Skirts

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Table skirts are usually made from polyester, organza, satin, and other materials. They are available in different colors, lengths, and patterns to match an event's theme or color scheme. Table skirts drape to the floor for decorative purposes. Most skirts only attach to the table's edges, but in some cases, they also cover the tabletop. 

You can use table skirting to create a cohesive look among your event furnishings. If you do not have uniform tables, you can direct people's visual focus to the uniform skirts instead. Covering a table that would have stood out from the rest with a table skirt is more cost-effective than buying. It is also less laborious than hunting down a matching table for an event. 

Fortunately, you can buy table skirts in bulk from established suppliers like MORLIN Linens. Get them in different materials, sizes, colors, and skirting styles to match the tables you usually use for events. You can even enjoy discounts as we shop in bulk with our low pricings. 

Why Use Table Skirts For Your Events

How your tables look can make or break the overall visual impact of an event. Event planners know that a table skirt for wedding celebrations, birthdays, corporate parties, and other events will come in handy for these reasons: 

Conceal Table Legs

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Table skirts can cover the table legs and convert the space under the table into extra storage, especially if you have limited space at the venue. 

Improved Aesthetics 

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If you are hosting a little girl's ballerina-themed party, wouldn't the tables look even better with a tulle tutu table skirt in pink? Do you think the tables will appear more dramatic for a wedding if they have chiffon tulle table skirts in white? Transform regular tables into appealing tablescapes by following this proper table skirt guide. 

Complement The Event Theme 

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Highlight the event's theme using  table skirts. For instance, a ruffled 5-tier pastel rainbow table skirt will help enhance the atmosphere at a unicorn-themed birthday party.

Cost-Effective Decorative Solution

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Skirting is a budget-friendly way to decorate the tables. You can save even more if you get table skirts at wholesale prices from a supplier like MORLIN Linens. Both tablecloths, whether spandex or polyester tablecloths, and skirts serve a decorative purpose; with the latter adding color, dimensions, and texture to the tables. 

Easy Installation And Removal

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Table skirts are easy to install and take off the tables. You can use velcro tablecloth clips to attach the skirts.

Your Table Skirt Guide On The Types Of Table Skirting 

There are several types of skirting you can decorate with. At a store like MORLIN Linens, you can get box pleated, gathered lamour, curly willow, burlap, extra long chiffon, and tutu skirts. Get to know each type here:

Box Pleated Skirts

These skirts look structured and formal, with the pleats neatly stitched at the top. The fabric drapes down, appearing elegant and sophisticated, making them an excellent option for upscale events.

Gathered Lamour Skirts 

These table skirts are made of lamour, which feels and looks like satin with a matte finish. They are characterized by the gathered fabric at the top forming lush waves. Gathered lamour skirts are ideal for weddings, baby showers, and other occasions. 

Curly Willow Skirts 

These skirts have cascading layers with strands that mimic willow branches, making them complementary linens if you want a natural and whimsical look for your tables. They are ideal for rustic-themed events, outdoor gatherings, or boho-style celebrations. 

Burlap Table Skirts 

These skirts are made of coarse jute burlap fabric that looks rustic and vintage. They are perfect for country-style events, barn wedding venues, and rustic-themed parties. 

Extra Long Chiffon Skirts

Because of their ethereal look of sheer chiffon fabric, they are often used in gala nights, formal dinners, weddings, and other romantic events. 

Tutu Skirts

These table skirts look playful and fluffy, like the fluffy and pretty ballerina skirts. They are best used in baby showers, children's, or fairytale-themed parties.  

A Table Skirt Guide On Attaching Skirting

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Table skirts are often attached to tables using tablecloth clips, which have velcro that secures the skirts to the other velcro side sewn to the tablecloths. One tablecloth clip per foot of table skirt is recommended  to ensure table skirts stay in place. 

If you want to conceal the clips from the guests, you can easily use floral arrangements or other theme-related decor. Just set the decor on top of the clips.

If velcro clips are not readily available, in this case, heavy-duty velcro command strips can be used. These velcro strips are easily attached to the table's edge, where you can attach the skirts. 

For this technique be sure to add adhesive stips closer together at the corners of the table.

Guidelines On Table Skirt Size

The standard sizes for table skirts include 14', 17', and 21' long skirts. If you have banquet tables, you will need to use skirts that have 30" heights to conceal the table's legs fully. So, what skirt works with each size table? 

14' Table Skirts

Skirts of this size can cover an entire 48" round table or 4' and 6’ rectangular tables. It also works to cover the entire front side and the two sides of an 8ft rectangular table, with 6" to spare you can work with. 

17' Table Skirts

A 17' skirt will fit the entire area of a 60" round table or a 6' rectangular table. It can cover as much as the front and sides of an 8ft rectangular table with an extra 2' you can use to cover a portion of the rear portion of the table. It can also cover the front and two sides of two 6ft banquet tables put together. 

21' Table Skirts

A 21' skirt can cover a 72" round table or an 8ft rectangular table. It can cover the front and two sides of a 6' banquet table, with an extra 2' for the back. You can also use it to conceal the front and both sides of two 8' tables put together. 

table skirt sizing guide

Know how to maximize your use of table skirts, starting with why event planners like you love using them. Choose the right one now that you know what types are available and which skirt size fits the right table size. Follow this table skirt guide and shop for skirts, table runners, and other event decors at MORLIN Linens today.

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