Tips on How to Create A Perfect Unicorn Theme Birthday Party

Do you have a child or a friend that is obsessed with unicorns? Perhaps you’re the one fascinated by these whimsical little creature? Whatever the case is, unicorn birthday party themes are trending in the party world big time right now, and for good reasons!  

Fabulous glittering colors, tasty colorful treats, and of course the magical unicorns themselves make for a recipe of fun! Fantasy and fairytales are the stuff dreams are made of, and unicorns play right into that scenario.

While a kids' unicorn theme birthday party is usually the first thing that comes to mind when picturing a room full of sparkle, rainbows, and whimsical unicorn horns. This regal creature spans across all party genres to include bridal showers, baby showers, and of course, grown-ups birthday parties!

Unicorn birthday setup
Unicorn Birthday Kids Party
Unicorn Party treats

Today we’re here to help you learn how to plan a unicorn party no one will soon forget! So gallop over the rainbow with us as we explore unicorn theme birthday party decor ideas to bring this magical theme to life!

Dessert Tables

There are many aspects to a party but what is a party without a dessert table? Comparably, it’ll be like a cake without frosting or worse a unicorn decoration without its sparkles! Whether displaying a rainbow candy bar, unicorn cake pops, cupcakes, or an enchanting cake, all parties deserve a focal point for the cake and all other desserts to be properly admired. As such, these tables should be dressed to be as captivating as the unicorns themselves!    

Unicorn birthday in white and gold motiff

Since most traditional dessert tablescapes are displayed on round or rectangular banquet tables, a sure way to make your unicorn party dessert table stand out would be using multilevel tables such as a tall and short cocktail table! With the additional height and dimension that can be achieved with cake and cupcake stands, this tablescape setup will be sure to draw attention to each display and give the table a multi-faceted appeal!  

Unicorn birthday dessert table setup

When it comes to dressing up the dessert tables, there’s nothing more mesmerizing than luminous iridescent payette sequin linens! The shimmery multicolored sequins will be sure to coordinate with any rainbow color scheme. On the other hand, the mesh backing of Payette sequin linens easily allows for a solid color tablecloth to be added underneath for an added multicolor effect. For added variation opt for using linens in different materials and textures but aim to keep at least one matching component to ensure the look stays cohesive.      

A cute and colorful tablecloth makes a perfect foundation piece to start your decorating process, but you’ll get the most dramatic look by coupling it with a table skirt! Table skirts not only add depth and texture, but are also an easy way to continue the color scheme and style of the party. With options in pastel or primary colors, rainbow tutu skirts are a perfect addition to unicorn themes!      

Unicorn birthday dessert on colorful tablecloth

For custom unicorn party supplies, the skirting can be made of an eye-catching texture like curly willow, which is perfect as it ideally mimics colorful unicorn tails. Because curly willow is made from soft sheen taffeta and sheer organza strands, they are the perfect multi-dimensional decor accent that improves any lackluster table. By adding individual cascading curly willow sashes to the skirt, you can easily control the color scheme as well as create a fuller table skirt!

Unicorn birthday table skirting

DIY Unicorn Backdrops

Just like dessert tables, all parties deserve a proper backdrop, whether to hide unsightly areas or for capturing a perfect scene for photos! Backdrops can be used to enhance the area directly behind the cake table, or they can be used for photo booths. If you have a designated party chair for opening presents, a backdrop will bring a magical ambiance to this portion of the party itinerary!   

With a rainbow as a color scheme, the drape color options are endless but white drape panels will be the ideal canvas for creating the iconic unicorn face. To create the unicorn face, simply use a mixture of large and small foam flowers in turquoise, pink and lavender to create the floral headband.

Next add cute ears, a dazzling metallic gold horn, and of course, you can't forget those iconic lashes! For a more colorful backdrop to match the floral headband, simply add lavender, pink, and turquoise drapes in soft sheer voile or twinkling glitz drapes, on each side of the white drapes.    

Unicorn birthday wall decor
Unicorn birthday balloon and paper flowers
DIY unicorn on wall decoration
Unicorn-themed Birthday balloon garland

To complete the unicorn-inspired backdrop, be sure to add a colorful balloon garland! The addition of a balloon garland will not only provide another layer of texture but when placed over the upright poles, it will also cover them for an aesthetically pleasing backdrop. Another great use for the garland will be to place the start of the garland at the base of the flower headband as it cascades down the upright. This magical placement will create the illusion of the unicorn's colorful mane!  

To enhance the party aesthetic with balloon garlands, it's best to use a mixture of 10” and 12” latex balloons in primary and pastel colors coupled with gold metallic latex balloons or star accents for added texture. Lastly, adding LED lights behind the drapes will add another layer of magic to the setup, making sheer drapes even more ideal for this look as the light can easily pass through. As a bonus, LEDs work perfectly with any of the above decor suggestions!

Unicorn birthday with pastel and gold balloons


While kids are more likely to pay attention to the games, party favors, and goody bags, they are sure to love having a fun seating area to enjoy the treats from the dessert bar! With so many creative and fun unicorn decor ideas available for this whimsical party theme, creating an ideal unicorn tablescape will be just as fun in a unicorn birthday party!  

Unicorn-themed tablescape

To start, set the scene with a foundation of a crisp white or pastel color tablecloth. This will allow you to build up with centerpieces, place settings, and other accent pieces while keeping the decor from becoming visually overwhelming. Next, add a whimsical balloon table runner to continue the fun atmosphere. 

Using various color combinations of 5" and 10” balloons create a runner to fit the length of the table or longer for a flowing effect. To finish the look, add paper or foam flowers to cover any sparse areas, this will easily upgrade the look of the balloon runner. For added dimensions, the balloon runner can be placed over a traditional runner but it will look stunning on its own as well!  

For adult unicorn celebrations, using colorful candles and pastel flower bouquets will revamp the look of the tablescape. Another take on unicorn party centerpieces for this unicorn theme is to place a metal bucket with champagne surrounded with colorful frozen water-filled pastel balloons in place of ice. Whether it's the kid’s or adult’s table, no tablescape will be complete with unicorn cutouts or a sprinkle of confetti.

Place Settings

To finish a magical tablescape, it's time to discuss place settings! For kid’s birthday parties, it's best to keep it simple with disposable plates, cups, and napkins with colorful unicorn designs and glittery cutlery for a touch of sparkle. For an elegant touch add a cupcake with a place card attached to a toothpick.  

For adult rainbow theme party for birthdays or bridal showers, the place settings can be taken to another level with the help of glass charger plates and colorful glassware. The addition of alternating colorful napkins and metallic cutlery will help add sparkle to each setting. Lastly, add place cards along with a unicorn figurine to personalize each setting!

Unicorn-themed bridal shower

Chair Decor

To complete the overall tablescape appearance of unicorn party decoration, chair decor is essential! If many chairs are being used at your event, a simple style lends a most desirable aesthetic.

A single curly willow sash can be added to chairs in alternating colors with taffeta sashes or spandex chair bands for that elegant touch. For fewer amounts of chairs, or to create a more dramatic effect, multiple sashes can be added to each chair. 

Unicorn-themed curly willows

If the celebration is a first birthday party for a little one, don't forget to decorate their high chair with a rainbow banner using paper tassels! Adding ears and a horn to the top of the chair will help complete the look and make for a truly magical unicorn party.

From balloons to glamorous dessert tables, and unicorn party supplies in bulk your unicorn birthday party will certainly be one for the (scrap) books! With a dash of pizzazz here and a hearty helping of charm there, you will help your guests snap adorable photos while ensuring they have a decidedly enchanting time. 

More Tips!

For additional inspiration and unicorn theme birthday  party decor tips and tricks, start by stocking up on party supplies in bulk. Incorporate animal print party supplies for a whimsical touch, and embrace the vibrant colors of a rainbow theme party.

Enhance the atmosphere with party linen in pastel hues and add 4 ft marquee letters and  4 ft marquee numbers to spell out the birthday child's name or age. Add a touch of elegance with chair sashes in iridescent shades and create a captivating backdrop using pipe and drape kits.

For high-quality party linen and accessories, consider checking out MORLIN Linens, where you can find a wide selection of items to bring your unicorn theme to life.

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